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Ryan and Lisa Taylor (Jaden\'s daddy and mommy)

Memorial created 04-23-2008 by
Veronica Wallace----- Hunter's mommy
Hunter Cole Wallace
November 23 2002 - December 24 2004

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03-11-2010 10:31 PM -- By: nancy,  From: illinois  

Veronica, I am so sorry to hear of baby Gabe's passing..as I know he is safe with his big brother Hunter.

There are no words to help your pain..I am just thinking and praying for your family.

May God give you peace and comfort..Love, Nancy


03-10-2010 10:38 PM -- By: Katrina,  From: Okahumpka, FL  

I am so very sorry to hear about  little Gabe.  My heart just breaks for you and your family.  I wish there was something I could say to ease the pain but as you already know their is nothing that can  say that will ease this kind of pain.  But just knowing that Angel Hunter is their to welcome him and to hold his hand maybe a little comfort.  They both will be there waiting for you when your jouney here on earth is done.  I will keep you and your family in my prayers always.

Hugs......Katrina  >i< Heather's Mom

03-10-2010 8:36 PM -- By: Alicia Stansell,  From: Texas  

Dearest Veronica,

I am so sorry to hear about Gabe. I wish there was something I could do or say to ease the pain you are feeling but I know that words will not fill the hole in your heart. My thoughts and prayers are with you and Robert.

Many of us have come to love Have through the pictures and updates you have shared, we will never forget him.


03-10-2010 8:12 PM -- By: Mommy to Angel Rowland,  From:  

I cried reading Hunter's story, and I cry knowing that you lost Gabe now too.

Your boys are up in Heaven giggling, smiling and playing, but I know as a mother to an angel myself you would give anything to have them still here with you in your arms.

I pray for peace for you and your family. You will see Hunter and Gabe again one day.


God Bless

03-10-2010 11:40 AM -- By: christina,  From: ohio  

I am sorry for your loss, no words I can say to help your broken heart !! just know you have very special angels that are watching over you and your family sending you many many hugs today and always!

03-10-2010 10:27 AM -- By: Amy Patrick,  From: St. Louis, MO  

Thank you for sharing your sons' journies on this earth.  Thank you for showing me courage beyond comprehension and love that defies all else.  Thank you.

My Deepest sympathies are inadaquate but given.

Love to you all,  Amy Patrick  (Ryan's mom)

03-10-2010 10:05 AM -- By: Cesca,  From: ~Spoken from MY Heart ♥~  

Sweet Angel Hunter, I know you were watching from Heaven as your little brother was fighting the battle of his life. I know that You and God thought he had enough and wanted to free him from his pain. I know you asked God to bring Gabe HOME to you to be free to run and play with you.
Now Gabe isn't in pain any longer, but your mommy and your daddy are. They never wanted to lose him as they never wanted to lose you.
So, now you and your lil bro have to watch closely over them and let them know that the both of you are together playing in greenest meadow with the Angels of God.
Sending you and Angel Gabriel lots of love, hugs, and prayers.

(((Veronica))) I have no words to ease your pain. Just know that you and your husband are in my constant prayers. My heart goes out to the both of you.
Love & Hugs, Cesca ♥♥♥

~Gone, but always and forever remembered!

03-10-2010 9:08 AM -- By: Cindy~Lou,  From: Baytown,Tx  

Veronica ,

I came by to say I am so sorry for your loss and I know that no words can comfort your pain...Gabriel will be missed by me and so many people who only knew him through pictures and words...but every word every picture is a memory that will be treasured forever...Hunter  I'm glad you were the one to be there with Gabe as he climbed the stairway to Heaven,,,now you  both need to wrap your Angel wings around mommy and daddy and let them know that Gabriel is ok and that you love them and are always with them

Missed and loevd forever,



03-09-2010 11:57 PM -- By: Lela McMichael,  From: Sulphur,La  

My heart and prayers go out to ya`ll.God Bless ya`ll.

03-09-2010 8:04 PM -- By: Athena Cullen,  From:  

Dear Veronica, 

I just wanted to say that I am truely sorry for your loss.

I have no words of wisdom or comfort I can only hold you in my heart and prayers!!



03-09-2010 6:55 PM -- By: Dianne,  From: SC  

I am angel Riley's Grandmother. Our precious little Riley is with your precious Hunter and the other tiny angels in Heaven.  I am praying for Gabe and all of you.  May God give you strength. 

03-09-2010 5:11 PM -- By: shannon,  From:  

I'm so sorry for your loss, I will keep Gabe in my prayers. They are such beautiful boys.

03-09-2010 3:04 PM -- By: Terrie Whiteman,  From: Pa.  

Dear Veronica, you don't know me, but I am sending out my thoughts and prayers to you and your whole family.'For Hunter and Gabe and all your angels in heaven.

My son Joey is an angel too, he was older, and now he has another angel to look after. I will keep in touch with Cindy-Lou for the progress of Gabe. Love to You,Terrie & Joey in heaven.


03-09-2010 11:10 AM -- By: Tonya Fitapatrick,  From: Littleton Maine  

Thinking of you and your family. God Bless.

03-09-2010 1:35 AM -- By: Cindy~Lou,  From: Baytwon ,Tx  

Hello Veronica and sweet Angel Hunter,

I wanted to stop by and say hi and to tell you Veronica that I have posted a calling all Angels for Gabriel...both on facebook and also here I aske for my Grams and Uncle Frank to gather the Angels to give Gabe and your family strength .......we are all thinking of you and your family our hearts and prayers go out to you.Hunter watch over your brother touch him and comfort him and give him strength ....give him brotherly strength wrap him in your Angel wings and protect him.

Missed and loved forever,



01-22-2010 12:50 PM -- By: ,  From:  

Your story is heartbreaking. We are so sorry to hear of Hunter and pray that Gabriel is doing well. Finding a diagnosis needs to be done, praying that you can find one and a cure. Our thoughts and prayers are with you,

The Hunters(angel Zac)

01-22-2010 12:49 PM -- By: kim hunter,  From: middle grove,NY  

01-21-2010 10:56 PM -- By: Julie Rivera,  From: El Monte, Ca  

Your boys are adorable. And your right they look so much alike. Reading through your pages I see your love for these boys it amazing. My son too had a genetic problem that was never diagnosed. I know that feeling of heartbreak. Someone once told me to consider myself blessed that I was chosen to be Israels mommy. To think of what could have happened if he had been given to someone who couldnt care for him the way I did. So I now say to you. You were chosen to be their mommy. Your kids are so blessed to have you as their mommy. <3 <3

01-20-2010 11:17 PM -- By: drema pearson,  From: in amandas heart forever  

sending night-night hugs & kisses to you in heaven hunter.know you are always missed and forever loved and never forgotten.......drema & angel amanda faith

01-20-2010 10:41 AM -- By: christine,  From: vermont  

i am very sorry for your loss you and your family are in our thoughts and prayers i hope they find a diagnosis for gabe

your story tore me apart i could never begin to imagine the pain you go through daily you are strong and amazing people

01-06-2010 7:31 PM -- By: Andrea,  From:  

You Will Always Be In My Prayers. x x Sleeping and playing with the Angels now young Hunter.


12-26-2009 11:39 AM -- By: Bonnie,  From: Cape Coral Florida  

May God be with you.  I am praying for your other son too. You are a very strong woman.

12-24-2009 4:23 PM -- By: Debbie Long,  From: Oklahoma  

Happy Angelversary sweet baby.

12-24-2009 8:24 AM -- By: Alexis,  From:  

I am so sorry for your loss of your beautiful baby Hunter. I will pray for Gabe and for you  to find closure in this disease. I lost my son Alec Perkins to SIDS. No other pain compares to the loss of a child. God Bless you & your family.

12-23-2009 10:29 AM -- By: Susan,  From: Plymouth, MA  

Such a sweet baby, my prayers are with you.  May God comfort you as only he can.

12-20-2009 7:57 PM -- By: elizabeth williams,  From: pa  

ur story breaks my heart u and your baby are in my prayer

godbess u

11-23-2009 11:24 PM -- By: Lorrine-Domenic's Mommy,  From: Folsom, Pa  

Happy Birthday sweet Hunter!  My baby justhad his 1st birthday in Heaven andI hope the twoof your are playing and good friends.  Veronica-I hope this finds you and your family doing well and tolet you know that Hunter and you are not forgotten.  Blessings to you all!  lgjewels@rcn.com


11-23-2009 10:27 PM -- By: Cara Molloy,  From: Orlando Florida  

I came across your son's website and I just want to tell you that you created a beautiful tribute to your little angel Hunter. He is so precious and I hope you had a peaceful day remembering him on his birthday. I hope that you will hold all the happy memories that you shared together close to your heart today. I am so very sorry for your loss, and I too understand your pain as I am a grieving mother as well. Two years ago tomorrow (11/24/07) I gave birth to my precious angel Hailey Maddison Molloy. She was born still due to a fatal condition called hydrops fetalis. I was only 23 weeks pregnant. Although we knew she had hydrops, we never found out the cause. We will probably never know why she died. I can understand your frustration not having a diagnosis as to what has plagued both of your sons. I will pray for an answer for you, a cure for Gabriel and for peace for your family. I am sure that Hunter and my Hailey are watching over us and I know they will always be with us. God Bless your family always... 

11-23-2009 10:18 PM -- By: Alicia Stansell,  From: Texas  

Happy Birthday Sweet Hunter!

Veronica, I know how difficult today is for you, please know you are in my thougths and prayers.


11-23-2009 6:34 PM -- By: Megan,  From: Atlanta, GA  

Happy Birthday sweet baby!  His pictures are beautiful.  I know he was deeply loved while he was here on earth and is watching over you all.  You have made a beautiful tribute to him. 

I pray everyday for Jesus's return so we can all be together again.  My Mom is in heaven, and I can't wait to be with her again, just as I know you can't wait to be with your precious Hunter again. 

Bless you on this day and everyday, as you remember your sweet son. 


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