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Ryan and Lisa Taylor (Jaden\'s daddy and mommy)

Memorial created 04-23-2008 by
Veronica Wallace----- Hunter's mommy
Hunter Cole Wallace
November 23 2002 - December 24 2004

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11-23-2009 4:01 PM -- By: lindas mom!,  From: arkansas  

Happy Birthday Hunter! you beautiful little angel i know my sweet daughter Linda is running playing with you!

11-23-2009 11:32 AM -- By: Myra ,  From:  

May God bless and strengten you. I am ver sorry tat you lost your little Angel and sincerely hope that a cure is ahead for Gabriel.

Happy Birthday Little Angel


10-28-2009 11:13 PM -- By: nikki roman ,  From: grand rapids mi  

children should never have to go thru as much as hunter went through i hope that you will be able to find answers and help other children for him i pray for your strength and patients i pray fot the doctor to find the answers on how to help your boys and to let your mind rest with a thing most of us take for granted a simple diagnosis

10-17-2009 12:01 AM -- By: Rachael,  From: Denver, Colorado  

Much love to you. Losing a child is a painful event to be sure. I found you on WUAH. I couldn't help, but I wanted to show support and so am here to offer my deepest sympathy and support.

10-16-2009 6:46 PM -- By: The French Family,  From:  

I have had two children pass on.  It was so hard to go thru.  I just wanted to be alone.  No famly or friends were invited to the grave side.  I feel your pain and hope your able to find a cure for your young son.

10-16-2009 5:11 PM -- By: Tonette Pace,  From: Pennsylvania  

Your son is so beautiful!


God bless you.


10-02-2009 9:44 PM -- By: Lorraine,  From: Philly, PA  

i too lost my son to a genetic disease of CF.  I hope that you find comfort knowing that you are not alone and other people feel for you as I do!  Bless your two boys and I hope that Hunter and my son, Domenic are laughing, playing and being two little boys!  My  prayers go out to you and your family.

09-11-2009 3:14 PM -- By: Marie,  From: Lucedale, MS  

I am speechless and in tears.  I am not writing to make you sad I promise.  I do not know how you feel but I do know that God believes you are extra special.  He knows you are strong to be able to go through this with your boys.  You are truly a blessing and the best mother in the world for not giving up on your babies.  I will pray for a diagnosis, cure, and stength for you and your husband.  My little boys name is Chase.  I know that doesn't matter I just don't really know what to say.  Please keep faith that God will heal this child.  I know that he can.  God bless you.


09-10-2009 5:00 PM -- By: Moonriver,  From:  

Your mommy shared this beautiful and precious photo with the world and you are in the hearts of many forever.

09-08-2009 9:43 PM -- By: Connie Gray,  From: Dowagiac  

I met you through something nice you were doing for your sister.  I'm sorry to hear your trials and know that your little one was touched by having you to  hold him in your arms.  His is your little angel and will always be in your heart and soul with our Lord's blessing. 

07-28-2009 4:41 AM -- By: Cindy Colburn,  From: Reseda, California  

I'm so sorry for what your sweet son had to endure with this illness and I'm especially sorry for the loss of his precious little life. May God continue to bless you as you mourn for your beloved Hunter.

07-14-2009 6:49 AM -- By: Mary Holton,  From: Milton, Florida  

I have been posting on your son Gabriel's site, but just never came to Hunter's site until this morning. I must say what an awesome site, and so sorry your son Hunter is not here to be with Gabriel. Just want you to know I care.

06-11-2009 10:05 PM -- By: Kristy,  From: Hurley, WI  

Your story is SO sad. I am so sorry that you had to go through so much pain. Know that your family is in my thoughts and prayers! God Bless.

06-04-2009 6:49 PM -- By: drema pearson,  From: in amandas heart forever  

hi hunter,i was just visiting with your brothers cb site and wanted to come by to let you know i also think of you often and always will.you and brother look so much alike,you would have been best friends and gave mom a run each day.she misses you very much,please always watch out for mommy,daddy and gabe.keep your baby brother safe.(((hugs))) drema & angel amanda faith

05-16-2009 12:03 AM -- By: Drema Pearson,  From: in amandas heart forever  

hi big boy hunter,i just wanted to stop by to let you know i am thinking of you tonight and always.please watch over ur brother and keep him safe & happy.he has the sweetest smile & spirit to be sick like he is.he takes that after you i am sure.also watch over mommy & daddy so they will always know you are close to them and although they cant see you right now you are still with them.(((hugs))) drema & angel amanda faith

04-27-2009 1:42 PM -- By: Christine VanHusan,  From: Lewis Cass ISD  

04-24-2009 8:58 PM -- By: Judy Black,  From: IL  

Dear Veronica,

    Thank you for having Michele send me this website. I have not forgotten you or Hunter. I am thankful to have known both him and you . I am so sorry to hear about Gabriel. I will be praying with you for a diagnosis. I pray for God's blessing on your family. Your courage and faith is inspiring.  

04-23-2009 1:19 AM -- By: Ruby,  From: Tucson  

Beautiful baby, you and your famiy are in my prayers.

04-21-2009 7:14 AM -- By: Kathy,  From: Hemet, CA  

I came from Lauren Ashley's cb site.  What a beautiful baby.  So very sweet.  Rest in peace sweet boy.


04-12-2009 9:40 PM -- By: Steven Bilik,  From: Burr Ridge,IL,U.S.A  

God bless your little angels. We hope that you get a diagnosis. We know first hand that knowing (no matter how bad it may be) is better than not knowing. My little Sarah was diagnosed with Lissencephaly. She is doing very well right now,We are very blessed.

I hope that you take comfort in knowing that Little Hunter is watching out for your family. He is the best guardian angel you can have.

Our prayers are with you through these trying times.

Steve and Sarah Bilik  stevenbilik@aol.com

04-12-2009 8:33 PM -- By: Debbie Anderson,  From: FORT EDWARD,N.Y.  


04-01-2009 8:23 PM -- By: drema pearson,  From: in amandas heart forever  

hi precious hunter,i wanted to stop by to let you know i am thinking of you,i just was visiting your special brothers caring ridge site.please watch over him & mommmy & daddy.let them know that gabe will be cured one day soon.help the doctors find a cause for his little belly being so big and hurting him.i know u dont want him to be in pain.ask god to touch your brother and heal him.ok i hope you are having fun playing with the friends you have made in heaven and that the days are long & beautiful for all of you.((((hugs)))) drema & angel amanda faith

03-27-2009 4:54 PM -- By: Victoria Acosta,  From: st.anne il  

03-16-2009 8:46 PM -- By: Kendra,  From: Ohio  

Veronica ~ I know I've been to Hunter's site before, but wanted to let you know I was here again. I wish this life were easier...that our little angels were here in our arms again. But I do have faith that we'll see them again...that this life is just a second when compared to eternity...and won't that be a wonderous time we get to spend with them the next time we're together? I hope all is well.

03-15-2009 2:15 AM -- By: Deanna Wright- Hays,  From: Orange CA  

03-07-2009 9:03 PM -- By: Wendy Bauer,  From: Indpls IN  

03-07-2009 5:05 PM -- By: Becky Van,  From: Kalamazoo  

I read Gabriel's Caringbridge page and wanted you to know I was thinking of you.  Hunter's pictures are beautiful.  I cannot even begin to imagine how if feels to loose a son and all you have and are going through.  It is so incredible that you are doing this memorial.  Keep up your strength and love for your boys.  So many folks are behind you.  Please take care.

03-07-2009 6:58 AM -- By: Robyn,  From: Canada  

Wallace Family,

I was connected to your site here, from the Coles Foundation entry for your son Gabe.

I read your precious story of your journey with your son ^^Hunter^^ and would like to thank you for putting it to paper.

You have started my day off on a good note, and I must thank you for that.

I have no doubt that ^^Hunter^^ is seated at the right hand of God, the highest of the high angels in the kingdom of our Heavenly Father.

God Bless you,

The Frooks

03-07-2009 6:54 AM -- By: Robyn,  From: Holland Centre, ON Canada  

03-06-2009 10:56 PM -- By: Danielle Benson,  From: Albertville, AL  

Although in tears, I enjoyed your website for Hunter.  Your boys are beautiful, and they obviously have a wonderful mother.  Hang in there.  Love ya and God Bless.


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