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Veronica Wallace----- Hunter's mommy
Hunter Cole Wallace
November 23 2002 - December 24 2004

Hunter's first photo!


Hunter's Birth Certificate


Hunter's hospital hat and our hospital braclets


gotta put on the hat to keep his little head warm


getting cleaned up


Hunter age 10 months. Looks like he is waving!


all cleaned up


Hunter sleeping peacefully


such a screamer


Hunter with his prayer bear that we later buried with him


still crying


Hunter's first Birthday!! 11/23/2003


Hunter receiving his breathing treatment


Ready to go outside?


Hunter didn't like those treatment. But who would?


The kitten climbed up with Hunter as if to say "I love you"


This is Gabriel Chase. Hunter's little brother.


Newspaper article


Gabriel listening to his mommy's mp3 player. He loves music


Gabe's 1st set of wheels


Robert holding both of his boys


Hunter's first car ride after coming home from hospital


Mr. Bubbles--Hunter had stopped smiling at this point


My beautiful baby (Hunter)


"I am tired" (Hunter looks so much like his little brother in this picture)


My baby is lost somewhere in his body


Gabriel smiling big (Feb 2009)


A very bad day for Gabriel (Feb 2009)


Gabe at school (Feb 19, 2009)


mommy and her first born son


getting all clean


grandma Debbie and her first grandson


a happy family


daddy and his son


cousin Tiara holding Hunter


grandma Glenna and her first grandson


Grandma Debbie and Hunter


Aunt Amber and Hunter


Daddy and son again


Grandpa Bob and Hunter


admiring Hunter


so cute sleeping


I love this pic! And his beautiful red birthmark kiss


love my paci


what can I say


Aunt Amber and Hunter (11 days old)


Uncle Zechariah


Uncle Zech holding Hunter. This was the day that we were told that Hunter was close to dying.


Uncle Trenton


Love this!


Mommy, daddy and Hunter


Hunter Cole Wallace


look at that skinny leg


Hunter 4 weeks old


Hunter's first Christmas Photo





Mommy and Hunter


Grandpa Bob and a screaming Hunter




Hunter found his thumb


December 3, 2002 Hunter's first bath


So precious



mommy and son


4 weeks old


6 months old


such a messy eater


Memorial Day 2003


Hunter and his Easter Bunny


looks so grown up


He loved to bounce and jump


Got lots to say



He loved his pictures taken.. especially when we made funny noises to him


6 months old


7 months old.. his G tube surgery



7 months old


3 months old




looks like he is praying


Halloween 2003.. Hunter is the little blue monster in the stroller


Grandpa Bob and Hunter (3 months old)


10 months old


3 months old



Grandpa Bob and Hunter




Why so serious! 6 months old




My bunny tastes good


Hunter's first official laugh


Great Grandma and Hunter



Mommy, Hunter and niece Haleigh



Hunter and a friend from his group therapy



mommy and Hunter


7 months old


Aunt Amber and Hunter


My little monster



Grandma Glenna and Hunter and Haleigh











Haleigh and Hunter


not a good day.. June 10, 2004




Grandpa Bob and Hunter (13 months old)



Miss Jody and Hunter


Grandma Glenna and Hunter (December 2004)


Mother's Day 2004...Grandma Debbie, Grandpa Bob and Hunter







First Family photo... 2004






November 2, 2004.. Hunter's school photo


mommy and son




cool boy


Hunter and our cat Scooter



Daddy and Son.. 2004


Mommy and Son.. 2004



Haleigh, Hunter and Trinity


Hunter during therapy.. 2004


Grandpa Bob and Hunter.. 2004


Daddy and son



17 months old



Grandpa Bob and Hunter




Grandpa Bob and Hunter


Daddy and Hunter on the tractor


Hunter's first birthday


Christmas 2002


Christmas 2004


Christmas 2003


6 days before Hunter became a heavenly angel. His last Christmas celebrated early.


Hunter's 1st birthday 2003


Hunter's grave marker


December 18, 2004


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